Riverland Date Garden

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It was on my mother's bucket list to taste fresh dates and thanks to you I have ticked that one off. The dates arrived on time, beautifully fresh and excellently packaged. It has been a fascinating experience to watch them ripen and take them to parties where people I know are guessing what they are and then trying fresh dates for the first time. Absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to support Australian farmers and to hear where Australian farmers are doing well.

Medjool dates, would be interested in these dates when ripe please. You say you sell to the public so hope this is where I am supposed to email. we usually get our dates from Alice springs via a friend but came across your site whilst searching for something entirely different. Had no idea there was a date farm in Loxton. Perhaps a notice on Riverland Forum on FB would alert many to your product. Would appreciate an email when dates are ready for sale. with thanks Paula

Really good product, its very tasty
Thanks a lot

Lovely quality Dates, with fast delivery and effective packaging.
Thank you very much.

I will recommend your Dates to my friends, and I have posted about them on my Facebook page.

Wishing you all the Best with your Date Farm.

HI Steve,

I just received my package, there are no words to explain how happy me and my husband are. The quality, the packaging, the taste are all excellent and wonderful. It took us back to our home land. Thank you very much we really appreciate it. I we haven't eaten that type of dates since 8 years ago, it brought tears to my eyes and it made me happy at the same time as, I felt like I was visiting my family home. I will recommend your products to all my friends and family. Great job, and we wish you all the best and success in your business.

Thank you very much
Kind regards,

Hi Steve,

The dates arrived in perfect condition. They are amazing. Will be a repeat customer.

Thanks julie

Thanks for checking in - the fruit arrived quickly and in very good condition - so all good there. Interesting taste - we'll let them ripen a bit more and see how they develop! It's quite exciting to see the dates at different stages - when all we normally know is the semi-dried ones from the super market.
Thanks for offering that opportunity!

Kind regards

I have now had fresh dates three times in my life. Once in Tunis in about 1974, once in London in about 1977, and today. I purchased your dates through Farmers Direct and they are just delightful - a little yellower that the previous - but yummy in extreme.
I may have a bit of a problem tomorrow - but well worth it.
You put me down for another lot next year. Everyone is entitled to an annual sinful fling.

Really great product. I'd never had fresh dates and have found them a great afternoon pick-me-up. Have them chilled, they are crunchy, sweet and have a very pleasant flavour.

Looking very good.
If you need data logger to monitor you farm, I will workout a special price for your in-house use.

Good to know your farm is doing well.