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Happy to report that the "Australian Date Growers Association" which I am proud to be apart of, has been successful in obtaining funding via Agrifutures Australia, hopefully we can sort out fruit setting issue we as an industry are having with the Barhee variety. Like to thank Agrifutures Australia for giving us a chance as an industry to overcome these hurdles we are having.

28th & 29th September 2015

Every farmer endeavours to achieve the best result from his work - you are continually learning new methods to improve the growing of your crop (you never stop learning) - We need input from third parties who have the resources to improve our best practices, which helps all - be that the consumer of produce or growers.

Currently we are working with Dr Nabil Ahmad from the Sydney University and his student Ahmed Al Najm -following is a brief summary of the research being carried out  Work proposal 

Following is link to ABC radio Interview Date Palm pollination trial

Australian Research Papers

Paper submitted by Ahmed Al-Najm & Nabil Ahmad from Sydney University

Rapid and efficient propagation methods that avoid the use of mutagenic growth regulators are required for date palm breeding and cultivation. The effects of different growth regulators on micropropagation of six female cultivars of date palm including Barhee, Medjool, Khalas, Khadrawi, Nemeishi and River Gem and the male cultivar Jarvis were investigated. 

Optimisation of in vitro micropropagation of several date palm cultivars

Paper submitted by Shane Phillips - Landmark Berri SA

The influence of Diatomaceous Earth (Si) on the growth and development of Date Palms

Australian Date Palm Silica trial