Riverland Date Garden


  • Are we Organic certified: - No we are not organic certified, would say I am more a sustainable farmer - with no major pests or diseases we don't need to spray any chemicals onto the fruit/trees  - in the Riverland, South Australia we don't have any of the pests or diseases that are associated with major Date producing countries worldwide.  Only time we have had to spray the trees is with copper to combat a fungal disease in young palms.


  • When is the date season: Our date harvest at this stage from end of February slowing down in May  - our predominant variety is the Barhee - which you can eat in the fresh yellow (khalal stage) and in the soft, moist (rutab stage). Small amount of Medjools this year - palms still few years off maturity as are the other varieties have on the property. Ask!


  •  Storing Dates: Store dates in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freeze them for later use