Riverland Date Garden

Fruit Sales


2019 season finished - out of stock

Date Varieties for sale this season.

Khadrawy - looking good for this season, usually the first of semi-dried dates we have to offer to public - out of stock

Nemeishi - first time harvest this year - what is there is looking good - out of stock

Barhee - Variety of Dates that you can eat in the Khalal stage of ripeness - yellow and crunchy 

Barhee Harvest about to start if you like to buy direct - pricing is $25 kg + express postage 

To order: either use my facebook page in message or email me at - with name, address and quantity

Any enquiries please use my contact page or alternately touch base with me on my facebook page


For Riverland customers:  Koch's Foodland - both Loxton and Renmark out of stock


For Sydney retailers to be advised



In progress of setting up online store - N/A at the moment