Riverland Date Garden

Our Date Garden

Situated on back waters of the Murray River with over 400 Date palms ranging in age from offshoots (pups) to 12 years old gives us an ideal environment - with the native ducks and Kangaroos roaming the Garden

Major benefit in growing the Date Palms in our location - we do not have any of the pest and diseases (no insecticides used) normally associated with Date Palms, plus added benefit of being Fruit Fly free area. Also with the wildlife roaming the Garden - the benefits far outway any costs - wild ducks - besides the organic matter they help keep any snail population under control - Kangaroos help also with the organic matter. 

Date Palms are thirsty creatures - they love water  - utilising soil monitoring equipment on the property helps us fine tune irrigation practices, only giving the Palm what it needs.   View Soil monitoring here