Riverland Date Garden

Date Varieties growing on our farm

 Barhi Dates

The Barhi is the prominent variety on our farm - The Barhi is a very soft date that is oval in shape and extremely sweet.This little known date is starting to make a name for itself, each year more Barhi dates are sold than the year before, generally the average Australian would think of dates of being eaten in the Rutab (sem dry & moist) stage. Its success can be attributed to a unique trait that most dates don't have, the Barhi is edible in the Khalal (fresh & crunchy) stage and the Rutab stage.

Available March until sold out


Medjool Dates

The Medjool date is the date that Australians would be most familiar  with you will see them in your local shopping centre - usually country of origin is the USA or Mexico. This large succulent, soft and delicious date originated from Morocco eaten in the Rutab stage

Available April until sold out